An innovative approach to employability

create and control a stylish and professional looking cv App that can be accessed on all mobile devices as well as desktop.


Impress potential employers with a cv app 

These employers can quickly and easily access the user’s details and view information / videos on the individual, helping them to really showcase themselves and hopefully secure an interview.

The user can easily manage and update their CV app via a cms (content management system) - helping them stand out from the very busy recruitment crowd.

cv app speed


the process of applying for a job can be made much quicker; rather than posting out a CV, potential employers can see it at the tap of the screen or the click of a mouse button.

cv app visability


placing a CV online means that a user is accessible by more potential employers. Even if they do not land a position straight away, CV app gets their name out there and allows them to build connections with people.

cv app tech savvy

Tech Savvy

CV app shows that they are at the cutting edge of new technology and many employers want to hire someone who is comfortable in the digital world.

cv app unique


CV app is a brand-new approach to online CVs. Rather than placing one on just a website with others they have their own App that anyone can download and interact with.

Interactive features that are impossible to imitate on a traditional paper CV…

Emma Bradley's cv app - Emma is a Sous Chef looking to further her career with help from her CV App.

Emma's CV app features include: 

Messages - A library of push notifications Emma has sent out to her app users.

Welcome video - Emma welcomes her app users via video.

About me - Users gain an insight into Emma's experiences and achievements in hospitality as well as her career aspirations.

Employment - Emma's employment history is displayed in an easy to navigate, interactive tab.

Qualifications - With one click of the mouse (or tap of the screen) users can view Emma's qualifications.

Gallery - Emma's cover-flow image gallery shows off some of her signature dishes in high-definition.

Testimonials - Using her videography skills Emma was able to record a video testimonial from her ex employer. A personal touch, impossible to achieve on a paper CV.

Feedback - This one-touch social feature allows users to leave instant messages on Emma's app.

Contact Me - Users can call, email and view Emma's LinkedIn profile via this feature. This makes communication with potential employers easier than ever before.


Design and develop your CV app with ease…

Our drag-and-drop software makes it simple to build your cv app and the online course will guide you through every step of the process.

focussing on your digital presence we have all taken all the components of traditional employability course and bought it into the digital age.

learners will be able to access an online programme teaching them the basics of the CMS, guiding them through the design and helping to manage and update their app through their career progression.

Full technical support will be provided as part of the license and guidance packs can be provided to each learner to continue to support them after the initial launch.

How to access CV App

Training Providers

CV App works extremely well within employability programmes and enhances the existing offer with a more practical approach. The learners can build the app themselves during the lesson and continue to manage and update it ready to use when they begin their job search.
The idea is not to replace the traditional paper CV but to complement it and help individuals stand out from the crowd.
Flexible license packages available. If you would like to offer CV app as part of your portfolio and help your learners enhance their online presence please contact us and we can create a package to suit your requirements.

complete the form and our team will be in touch. alternatively call us on 0121 752 3800.


If you are looking to develop your own CV app Please complete the form and our team will be in touch. alternatively call us on 0121 752 3800.

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